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Don't your students deserve the most transformational experience that changes their lives for ever?

How do I address low course engagement? How do I inspire my students to take action and commit? How do I create a course with the most ground-breaking impact in the industry?

All conscious program creators are thinking it, but not all know how to succeed alone. Be willing to do what no one else will, because even the best coaches, consultants and healers are not always the best instructional designers. That's why we are here to help!

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Our Journey Together:

STEP 1: Research & Idea Validation

Let's design a course that your students actually want!

STEP 2: Differentiation & Offer Creation

Let's make you stand out in the market with an offer that sells itself.

STEP 3: Program Design & Pathway

Let's design a student experience that they will never stop talking about.

STEP 4: Launch Plan & Project Management

Let's save you time and overwhelm with our proven process.

STEP 5: Tech Set Up & Automation

Let's create an awesome user experience for you and your students.

STEP 6: Seamless Onboarding & Delivery

Let's delight your students and troubleshoot any challenges.

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I'm Anastasia Lapik 

I have worked as a Learning Mentor & Coach for over 10 years, creating 100s of courses & workshops delivered to 1000s of people. In 2018 I completed my MSc in Psychology to learn more about Psychology & Neuroscience of Learning & Transformation. Since 2017 I've been teaching yoga & meditation, certifying in several energy healing modalities & working as a life coach.

After retraining in business marketing & working with many clients, I have realized the common struggles for conscious course creators in the industry. In the past year, I've combined all of my expertise & passions to help busy spiritual thought-leaders choose and create profitable & visionary Signature Online Courses. 

Our Vision: 

Become a platform that sets a benchmark for creating transformational digital products through forward-thinking, innovative methodologies and conscious marketing. 

Shift global consciousness through transformational learning experiences that integrate science and spirituality, paving the future for entrepreneurship, teaching and learning. 

Our Mission: 

Create and train experts who are able to deliver outstanding results for clients and their students by creating forward-thinking and innovative all in one services & products.

Create and train experts who are able to deliver outstanding results for clients and their students by creating forward-thinking and innovative all in one services & products.

From Course Creator to Transformational Leader: 

increase impact, income, and influence without doing extra marketing!


How to skyrocket student results6x profit, and become an industry leader with a transformational online program. 

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